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Selected writing

“Deliberately Unspoken”  ︎ Al Hayya Magazine - Issue 1
“Sorry for the Dissonances” ︎ Trigger
“The Making and Unmaking of Memories” ︎ Montez Press 
“Can’t get you outta my head” ︎ Part of the “no” online exhibition hosted by Waraq
“We Owe Ourselves to Death” ︎ Magnum Foundation 
“The Delicate Balance of Terror” ︎ The Poetry Project House Party Issue #15
“Memory Palaces: Visions, Echoes, and Forms | The home you built in me” ︎ The Poetry Project Footnotes
“Wildfires near Chernobyl - Part 1” ︎  CH-Void
“Rayanne Tabet: Alien Property” ︎ The Brooklyn Rail
“Jennifer Bolande: The Composition of Decomposition” ︎ The Brooklyn Rail
“Sahar Khoury: Afterhours” ︎ The Brooklyn Rail
“Shirine Neshat: Land of Dreams” ︎ The Brooklyn Rail
“How can we think of art at a time like this?” ︎ The Brooklyn Rail
“Within Global Isolation: Asian Artists in America” ︎ The Brooklyn Rail
“Taking Shape: Abstraction from the Arab World: 1950s-1980s” ︎ The Brooklyn Rail
“Dejan Lukić and Nik Kosieradzki’s The Oyster: Or, Radial Suppleness” ︎ The Brooklyn Rail
“Process over Outcome: a conversation with Leeza Ahmady” ︎ Asia Contemporary Art Week
“Excavating a point of Entanglement” ︎ TERSE Journal
“In The Endless Perfection of your Absence” ︎ TERSE Journal
“Overcoming Isolation through Mukbang: The Subculture Where People Watch You Eat” ︎ Hyperallergic
“How Photographers Have Captured War and Unrest in Lebanon” ︎ Hyperallergic
“Grabeland: an interview with eteam” ︎ Nightboat
“Tenderpoints: an interview with Amy Berkowitz” ︎ Nightboat 
“7pm in New York” ︎ Nightboat Resonance Series: Echo 1
“Dear Etel: Sahar Khraibani responds to Shifting the Silence” ︎ Nightboat
“On Salah El Murr’s Mystical Figures” ︎ Bidayat Mag 
“Misfit Doc: Discordant Thoughts” ︎ Queen Mobs 
“No Place for Self Pity, No Room for Fear” ︎ Durian Days
“My Sentences Are Coffins Too Small for my Words” ︎ Durian Days
“Suffering from Realness” ︎ Degree Critical 
“Every Here is an Elsewhere” ︎ Degree Critical 
“The Sea is Still Beautiful” ︎ Degree Critical
“Simone Fattal: Work and Days at MoMA PS1” ︎ Degree Critical
“MATANGI / MAYA / M.I.A and the Tyranny of Hope” ︎ Degree Critical
“Howardena Pindell: Autobiography at Garth Greenan Gallery” ︎ Degree Critical
“Cate Blanchett’s Manifesto at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden” ︎ Degree Critical
“Four Freedoms for Whom? Revisiting the FDR Memorial” ︎ Degree Critical
“Phenomenal Nature: Mrinalini Mukherjee at the Met Breuer” ︎ Degree Critical 
“On Post-irony, Parafiction, and Other Distortions: Sahar Khraibani in conversation with Hicham Faraj” ︎ Degree Critical 
“Gogy Esparza in Conversation with Sahar Khraibani” ︎ Degree Critical 

New York, Beirut